Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's
Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's

Vintage Car Race Film Porsche 356 Westwood Lotus Cobra Laguna Seca 50's 60's

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The item I am selling here is a great find! This our own personal collection of never-before-seen color home 8mm and 16mm movies on DVD. This DVD is a must have if you are restoring, racing or researching any of the cars featured in these races.   In this DVD you will seen never seen footage of the  following 1) Cotati Raceway (northern Califorinia) from the 1963 SSCA Regional Races, 2) some of the only known color footage from Hockenheim, Germany 1951.  3) Laguna Seca races 1963. 4)  A Squaw Valley Autocross - 1965.  5) Laguna Seca - 1964 Monterey Grand Prix film footage.  6) 1965 USRRC Race and the 1965 Monterey Grand Prix..and finally 6) Rare 1962 color film footage of the Westwood Racing Circuit (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).  This is just amazing film to study and watch. Many cars of all types are featured, from stock production class sports cars to very famous cars such as the #66 Chaparral 2A driven by Jim Hall or Ludwig Heimraths's #1 Mclaren or the #17 Zerex Lola T70 Ford! You will not be disappointed. Some great footage in the pits before and after the races too!  I have just taken a few photographs from the film to show you but watching the whole thing is amazing. Just rare car after another racing the hottest laps at the time!

The DVD comes in a color cover, hardcase DVD case which also includes a 6 page history/ write up of the tracks and cars you will be seeing in this Rare Sports Car Races - Volume #1 DVD.  DVD is approx. 40 minutes running time.

Here is some more detailed information on the Raceways and cars you will be seeing:

Cotati Raceway

    Cotati is a small Northern California town located in Sonoma County near Santa Rosa.  This is where Cotati Raceway existed. Cotati Raceway was not a purpose built track, but a track built around a surplus WWII Navy airfield. The first race was held May 19th, 1957 and along with 200 local eager racers a few more famous racers from the time entered also.  These included Carrol Shelby, Richie Ginter and John Von Neuman. Cotati Raceway was used by  the SFR and SCCA Club for Regional Division and National races. Racing continued at the track through the 1960’s but slowed down once Sears Point opened in 1969. The Raceway finally closed in 1971 and the land was purchased for real estate development. Nothing remains today of this track.  In this film footage from a 1963 Regional race the cars are running on a 1.9 mile track.  Some of the many cars seen in this include: Lotus 19, Genie, Lotus 23, Lotus 7, XK120 Jaguar etc.  From the research we have done there were US National Races held at Cotati on May 12th, 1963 (round 122),  July 28th, 1963 (Round 129) and also a race on August 11th with no other information. We are not sure of the exact date of this film footage on the DVD.  Please see the extra sheet for some other information on cars and racers at Cotati from 1963.

Hockenheim Race Track (Hockenheimring)

    Hockenheimring opened for racing on May 25th, 1932. It originally used a series of roads in the forest to form the track. Mainly motorcycle races were held on the track until it was expanded in 1936 and used for a test track for Mercedes-Benz and Auto-Union.  The original track was almost 8 kilometers long and consisted of two long straights with a long “Eastern” corner in the forest and a U-turn in side Hockenheim joining them together. There is only a brief bit footage from this race included in this DVD. This footage is from 1951.  A Hockenheim historian informed us that this is the only know color film footage from this year at the track. A few motorcycles are also seen racing by the cameras lens. Enjoy! Hockenheimring has seen many expansions to the track and facility of the years and is used today for racing.

Squaw Valley Autocross , California – 1965

    Autocross is a form of motorsports that features safe, low-cost racing. In this footage from 1965 you will see a variety of car and driver navigating one a time through a temporary coarse marked out by traffic cones.  Autocross racers emphasized driver skill and car handling rather than high speed and huge horsepower. Almost any type of vehicle can participate. This is a small local autocross race held at Squaw Valley. In it you will see a variety of cars including a XK120 Jaguar, Cobra, Corvette, 1965 Valiant, what looks like a red fiberglass Devon body on a Porsche chassis, XK150 convertible among others. An event like this was often organized by the SCCA or by local clubs.

Laguna Seca Raceway

    Laguna Seca is a paved road-racing track used for both motorcycle and auto racing.  This track is located near Monterey, California.  The track is currently 2.238 miles long with a 300 foot elevation change over the course but in the vintage film footage you will be seeing in this DVD presentation the track is its original 1.9 mile course.  The first race was held on November 9th, 1957.  The track has hosted many race series over the years: USRRC, Can Am, Trans-AM, Formula 5000, IMSA GT, Champ Car and currently the famous Monterey Historic Automobile Races.  The film footage seen here spans three great racing years: 1963, 1964, and 1965.  You will see both some great footage from the Monterey Grand Prix, as well as the United States Road Racing Championships (USRRC). The USRRC was a series that was introduced to North America in 1963 and was run until around 1968 when it was replaced by the Can-Am series. In this DVD you will see the following footage from Laguna Seca:

1.    1963:  We believe this Laguna Seca footage is from the October 20th, 1963 Monterey Grand Prix from 1963, but possibly could be the USRRC race from spring of that year. The 1963 race was won by Dave Macdonald driving the  #98 Shelby King Cobra Ford CM/3.

2.    Oct 18th, 1964: Monterey Grand Prix – This section starts out with some brief footage of the start of the Formula Juniors & Libre. Lots of great footage of the GP follows. The 1964 Monterey GP was won by #66 Roger Penske driving the Chaparral 2A car, with #19 Dan Gurney in the Lotus 19B Monte Carlo Ford in 2nd place.

3.    May 8th, 9th 1965: USRRC Races: The racing film footage in this section was taken over two days this race was held. You will see parts of the C, D, F & G Production Race, the Manufacturers Championship and the Drivers Championship Race. In the Manufacturers Championship you can spot Jackie Stewart racing the #33 Lotus Cortina. The Drivers Championship Race was won by Jim Hall racing the #6 Chaparral 2A Chevrolet, with Don Wester’s #60 Genie MK10 Ford in 2nd place. Also interesting to not is the white prototype Ford Mustang cruising the track.

4.    October 17th 1965: Monterey Grand Prix – Some great racing and in the pits film footage from this years race here.  See Jim Hall working on the #66 Chapparral, Ludwig Heimrath’s #1 Mclaren from Canada among others.  The 1965 race was won by Walt Hansgen driving the #17 Zerex Lola T70 Ford.  Hap Sharp in the Chaparral 2A placed 2nd.

You will spot many well-know drivers and racers in this footage spanning 3 years at Laguna Seca including:  #66 Chaparral 2A (003) driven by Roger Penske in 1964, Don Wester ( #60 - Genie Mk10 Ford), Allen Grant in the Cheetah Chevrolet, #66 Chaparral 2A driven by Jim Hall in 1965, Scooter Patrick driving Porsche 904 (#011), , Richie Ginther #211 ( Porsche 718 RS61)  just to name a few. Easy to view small details if you want to take the time to pause or use slow-motion on the DVD too!   Please check out the extra sheet for Laguna Seca for a list of drivers, and cars that we have identified in this rare footage.

Westwood Racing Circuit

    The Westwood Motorsport Park (or Westwood Racing Circuit) was a 1.8 mile road racing track located just outside the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This track was a purpose built track and was operated by the SCCBC (Sports Car Club of BC).  The track existed from 1959 to 1990. This was the first purpose built road coarse in Canada. The track was host to many famous races over the years including: Formula Atlantic, and Trans-Am. Many famous drives also visited and raced on the track including: Bobby Rahal, Keke Rosberg, Gilles Villeneuve and Michael Andretti. Nothing now remains of the race-track as the land was developed for housing as the suburbs of Vancouver overgrew the area.  The great film footage featured in this DVD is from the 1962 racing season. To the best of our knowledge this footage is from May 6th, 1962,  A great variety of cars are seen in this section.  Racing from the following Classes can be seen: Class F race, Class D, A, C together in one race, and Class H race amount others.  Some Formula Juniors are also seen.  The black D-type Jaguar #69 seen is driven by Starr Calvert of Seattle. This car was involved in a terrific crash in September 1965 at Westwood. Reports by witnesses describe the car traveling over 85 feet in the air with engine screaming with the brakes on the car failed.  The car ended up landing in trees and bushes over 200 feet from the track. Starr Calvert survived the crash with some broken ribs and some bruises!  Please see the extra sheet for a list of drivers and cars that we have taken the time to identify in the film footage of Westwood 1962 seen here.

We have tried our best to provide the best information we have on the film footage. If you have further history of the cars or people in this feature please drop us an email as we are always keen to update and expand the knowledge of cars and drivers at these events

Cotati Races 1963 entrants:               

Driver     Car #    Car Type       

Dave Ridenour        Genie Mk.8 Oldsmobile 001       
Don Wester    60    Porsche 718 RS61       
Don Stiever        Lotus 19 Buick       
Frank Crane        Ferrari 250 GTO 4219       
Bill Molle        Lotus 23       
Jim Barber        Porsche 550       
Jack Dalton        Genie       
David Love        Ferrari 250TR       
Skip Hudson    6    Maserati Tipo 151       
Jim Parkinson        Campbell Special       

* we have not identified any of the drivers in this footage on this DVD from 1963               
the above information is just to add to the history of the Cotati track.               

Monterey Grand Prix 1964:        These cars are seen in this film:       

Driver    Car#    Car Type       

Roger Penske    66    Chaparal 2A #003  white       
Dan Gurney    19    Lotus 19B Monte Carlo Ford       
Don Wester    60    Genie Ford - yellow       
Jerry Grant/ Allen Green    8    Lotus 19 Chevrolet - green       
Bill Krause    28    Lotus 30 Ford       
Richie Gunther    92    Cooper Ford       
Tommie Hitchcock    21    Brabham       
Ed Leslie    97    Cooper Ford       
Trevor Taylor    9    Brabham BT8 Climax 2.0       
Steve Froines    48    Porsche Special 718 RS60       
Alen Grant/ Allen Green    81    Cheetah       
Bobby Unser??     96    Lotus 19       

In the start of the Formula Junior & Libra race the following cars are spotted:               

Alson Brizard     85    Cooper Ford       
Al Norman    23    Lotus       
R.J. Schmidt    27    Lotus       
Carl Knapp    8    Lotus       
Don Anthony    226    BMC       

1965 USRRC Races               

In the C, D, F & G Production race we have identified the following cars:               

Gregg Brumm    16    Lotus - yellow       
??    62    ??       
Jim Wellington    33    Porsche Abarth - silver       

Dave Jordon    33    Russkit Porsche 904(#093) in pits       
Kurt Neuman/ Scooter Patrick?    34    Russkit Porsche  904 in pits       
Hap Sharp    65    Chaparral 2A       

Manufacturers Championship         We have identifed the following cars:       

Tony  Hegbourne    22    Ford Cortina       
Jackie Stewart    33    Ford Cortina       
Merle Brennan    61    Jaguar XKE       
Steve Berg    32    Porsche 904       
Gene Smith    71    Alfa GTZ       
Dick Carter    27    Mustang       
?    97    Cobra?       
Dick Guldstrand?    66    Stingray - Red       
Robert Lamplough    4    Cooper-Chev       

Drivers Championship we have identified the following cars:               

James Williams    5    Huffaker       
Craig Lang    97    Cooper-Chev       
Lothar Motschenbacher    19    AC Cobra 427       
Jim Hall    66    Chaparral 2A -003       
Don Wester    60    Genie Ford       
Dave Ridenour    14    Genie - Comet       
Paul Reinhart    6    Genie - Chev       
?    1    Cobra?       
Gerry Bruihl    141    Lotus 23B OSCA Special       

1965 Monterey Grand Prix we have identifed the following cars:               

Bob Challman    2    Lotus - green       
George Follmer    16    Lotus-Porsche - white       
Jack Flaherty    4    Genie - red       
Patrick/ Cunningham    31    Porsche 904 - silver/grey       
Steve Diulo    29    Lotus - white       
Jack Wiemer    3    Cooper/ Chevy       
Mike Goth    58    Mclaren - black       
Ludwig Heimrath    1    Mclaren - yellow       
Rick Muther    11    Lola  - blue/green       
Miles Gupton    75    Platypus       
Jerry Grant    8    Harris/ Lotus       
1965 Monterey Grand Prix continued:               

Hap Sharp    65    Chaparral 2A       
Dick Guldstrand    18    Stingray       
Jim Hall    66    Chaparral 2A       
Wakter Gabsgeb    17    Zerex Special       
Ken Miles    91    Ford GT       
Don Wester    60    Genie - yellow       
Parnelli Jones    15    Zerex Special       

1962 Westwood Racing Circuit:     We have identifed the following cars/ drivers:           

Class 'F'               

John Hall    82    Porsche Carrera       
Dan Warren    411    AH-100       
Frank Fitch    70    Porsche 16N       
Terry Nilsson    46    Porsche 16N       

Class A & C               

Dan Mcmahon    0    Corvette       
Bill Stephens    377    Porsche S90       
Ivor Stubson    80    Porsche S90       
Albert Kersting    260    AH-3000       
Peter Browning    107    Morgan 4S       
Harry Kerstings    261    Corvette       
Jim Milligan    23    AC Bristol       
Chuck Mckaig    44    TR3       
Russel Jones    32    Porsche S       
Don Shervey    84    Triumph TR3       
Carol Michael    196    Fiat Spyder       

Assorted Classes:               

Milt Benshoof    28    Crosley Special       
Lyle Fosrsgren    146    Fiat Abarth Zagato       
Terry Nilsson    47    Lola Ford Formula Jr.       
Arleigh Pilkey    5    Lotus II       
Bill Gregg    21    Austin 850       
Gerard Fortier    383    MGA       
John Stuhldreir    14    Alpha Romeo       
Gerry Barber    333    Alpha Romeo       
Jack Fraser    303    MGA       
Ed Grossman    91    TR3       
Bob Sayle    60    Triumph Special       
Star Calvert    69    D Jaguar Modified       
DJ Rattenbury    51    Porsche Special       
Gerald Bruihl    41    Fiat 1500       
GB Sterne    4    Morgan  Plus 4       
Diana Mccoll    244    Sprite       
Bob Walker    73    Sprite       
Pete Lovely    25    Cooper / Ferrari       
Ken Finnigan    83    Falfin Special       
R.J. Schmidt    227    Alfa Romeo       
Paul Scott    123    Lotus 11       
Walter Thompson    141    TR3