Honda XL175 Oil Seal Kit for Engine 1973 1974 1975 - shift, clutch, kick etc.

Honda XL175 Oil Seal Kit for Engine 1973 1974 1975 - shift, clutch, kick etc.

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This is a very helpful item to seal up any leaks on your now vintage XL175 engine. This is a 7 pc Oil Seal Kit. This has all of the essentials for common lower crankcase leaks. This set includes the Sprocket Shaft Crankcase Seal,  Clutch seal,  Shift Shaft seal and Kick Start shaft seal, Tach seal and more! Does not get much better than this. Get your old bike up and running again. We only sell the best! Good stuff if you are riding or restoring or AHRMA racing these cool bikes.  Top quality aftermarket set. That is it! 

Please note this seal kit uses the main sprocket shaft seal that is size  20x52x9 : Inner dimension 20mm, outer dimension is 52mm and thickness is 9mm.  This is normally the correct size for all 1973 1974 1975 XL175 engine.

Honda did change to bigger sprocket shaft so a bigger seal  for 1976 1977 1978 years..and used a larger crank seal that is 27mm x 52m x 10mm.

We do stock the oil seal kit for the XL175 later engine in our ebay if you need that...please look in our ebay store and you can get that correct later style kit from us too.  

We just thought it was worth mentioning that difference/ change for the XL175 engines so you can be sure to get the right kit for your bike. 

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