Kawasaki KZ400 Engine Oil Seal Kit - 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 Z400 - Complete Set!

Kawasaki KZ400 Engine Oil Seal Kit - 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 Z400 - Complete Set!

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 The item that we are selling here is a great and an essential item if you are restoring, riding or racing your now vintage Kawasaki KZ400 Motorcycles.   This is an amazing and  complete 10pc engine Oil Seal Kit. Hard to find item!!  This is a great item if you just want to replace a few leaking seals, or if you are doing a full rebuild.  Often you can  just replace the ones that are giving  you problems and then do them all if you need a full rebuild down the road.   This Oil Seal Kit is correct for all models built in  1974 1975 1976 1977 and some early 1978 models.  Top quality aftermarket item. We only sell the best! This has both crank seals, shift shaft seals, ignition advance seal, tach seal, kick start seal, starter seal, clutch pushrod seal and more....10 seals in total! This also fits some the EARLY production 1978 models.  Regarding 1978 Models, Kawasaki did a running change in the engines int this year. So if you have a 1978 model check  your engine serial #, as this set is correct for engines starting with with number 141330 and earlier.  If you have a 1978 model with serial # 141331 and higher this engine takes a different seal kit, we do have this item too, so just look in our store for that item.


This is correct for these models:

1974 KZ400

1975 KZ400d

1976 KZ400d3

1977 KZ400d4

1977 KZ400a1

1978 KZ400a2

1978 KZ400b engines with number below #141331

1975 KZ400s - Special

1976 KZ400s2 - Special

1977 KZ400s3 - Special