Rare Races - Volume #2 - Vintage Motorcycle Races

Rare Races - Volume #2 - Vintage Motorcycle Races

If you own or have seen the first release (Volume#1) in the Rare Races series you will be glad to see there is more great vintage racing action now that Volume #2 is available . If you love vintage motorcycles and racing from this hey-day period of American racing, you will love this movie! You will get to see vintage dirttrack/ flattrack, hillclimb, roadrace (Daytona) and TT races. This DVD features more amazing later 1940s race footage! This film footage has never been seen before and features some of the most famous American motorcycle racers of this period. This action packed film will take you to some of the most famous races in the 1948 racing season. This is your chance to stand beside the tracks of such famous races as the 1948 Daytona 200 Beach Race, the 1948 Milwuakee Mile National race, the fast 1/2 mile of Williams Grove, PA. (Ascot of the East), some great vintage hillclimb footage from the 1947 York, PA Hillclimb. Other tracks that are also featured are: Richmond,VA (10 Mile Nationals were held here) , KD Speedway, and Millville, NJ. You will also get an movie information sheet containing the information below so that you can keep that with your movie for reference.

Featured in this film is a mix of mainly color footage as well as some black and white racing footage. Watch bikes such as the Harley 45 WR, WLDR, WL, WLA, Indian 101 Scout, Scout, and Chief battle it out! Please take a look at some of the great video-stills from this film.

The movie starts out with a segment at the 1948 Milwaukee National Mile race. I am not sure who won this year, but I know that Chet Dykgraaf finished 3rd. I believe some of the riders that raced in this race are Bill Miller, Joe Weatherly (#4), Greg Sassman, Bill Huber(#7), Bobby Hill (#71), Johnny Speilgelhoff, Turner (#77), George Strahle(#66) and Bill Tuman (#51).

The 1948 Daytona footage is amazing! Who would have thought anyone would get the chance to see amazing color film footage of this famous post-war running of the Daytona National 200 Beach Race. This was just the 2nd running of the Daytona race since the war was over. 153 racers entered the race this year including such famous riders as Ed Kretz, Canadian Billy Mathews (Norton) , Ben Campanale and the 1947 winner: Johnny Spiegelhoff. I young rider that had not won this race before led the race from the start. Floyde Emde led the first batch of riders down the beach straightaway on his fast Indian Sport Scout. Billly Mathew gave it his best on his Norton, Phil Cancilla pushed his Triumph to 6th place and Rody Rodenberg raced on a BMW to 10th place. He was riding one of only 50 factory built Indian Òbig base 641Ó Sport Scouts and raced with the #99. You can see him clearly streaking by on the straight and in the corners too. Floyd led from the start and went on to win the Daytona Road-Beach Title. The Indian factory estimate his top-speeds in the strait sections as around 115mph!! This race marked one of the last years where Indians and Harley Davidson made bikes dominated the winners circle. Using the ÒpauseÓ option on this DVD you can stop or slow-motion watch bikes or sections of interest.

By watching the Daytona section of this movie carefully, the following riders are identifiable by watching their # plates: #99 Floyde Emde, #9 Woody Simmons, #93 Phil Cancilla, #171 Walter Balchuna, #37 Rody Rodenberg, #7 Billy Huber, #19 George Glass, #117 Paul Goins, #155 Billy Armstrong, #118 Doc Savage, # 139 Richard Rodman, #116 Clarence Gordon, #14 Lee Christian, #124 Stan Newton, #94 Frank Curry, #25 Babe Tancrede, #36 George DeLong, #71 Bobby Hill, #22 Pete Chann, #46 Clem Murdaug, #186 Maurice Heffner, #67 Art Keith, #162 Albert Weterberg, #189 Gene Warnell, #57 Leo Anthony, #48 Leon Newhall, #54 Don Smith, #57 Tex Luse, #88 Nich Pultorak. Some of these riders and their bikes you can see quite clearly, others are just a flash as they race past the camera. If you know any of these riders or their famous factory race bikes, this is invaluable historic footage.

Fans of vintage motorcycle hillclimbs will enjoy short color film footge of the York, PA Motorcycle Hillclimb held in the summer of 1947. See a number of what look like Cheifs or Scouts blasting up the hill. Also amazing to check out is a single run on a rider riding a very distinct Harley Factory Hillclimber. Only a few of these were ever made. This is looks to be the 8valve DAH motor in the twin-down-tube frame.

Other color and black and white racing film footage all from 1948 at the Williams Grove, KD Raceway, Richmond dirttrack, Millville Raceway rounds out this amazing movie. Also BONUS FOOTAGE!!: See some funny and crazy motorcycle action from the 1956 Meriden, Connecticut ‘Great Eastern Championship Enduro’. Lot of muddy guys out having way too much fun on their mainly English built bikes: Triumph, AJS etc.

That is it! Have a look at some of the still photos below from this great movie. You won’t be disappointed. The DVD is just over 1/2 hour in running time. When is the next time you are going to see your favorite bikes racing in color??!! The quality is quite good, but please remember this is not a modern professional Hollywood movie this is original family home film that is almost 60 years old so please keep that in mind with regards to quality. OK back to the garage for me! All images and film footage are copyright Disaster Motors with all rights reserved.

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