Born Free Roadtrip - June 2010


My buddy Jay from Vanouver Island and I had been planning a roadtrip for awhile. Well the Born-Free show in Longbeach held at the middle of June 2010 became our destination. We worked our asses off getting some late 60's shovelheads tuned up and running for the challenge to ride down the coast.  I had a 1967 Shovelhead in storage for a number of years and Jay picked up a 1969 Shovelhead that needed a bunch of work.  Well after some late nights and many test runs, breakdowns and all that we were ready to roll out and point our front tires south on Monday June 7th.    We met in Port Townsend that day.  Weather was good for me, but Jay was already at the laundry mat drying his stuff.   I had to ride into the night and caught the last ferry to Port Townsend that night.  Raingear was the order of the day for Washington and Oregon.  Our secret weapon was old Dish-gloves..these are great for wet riding ! We hit up some killer food and wine in Napa. Jay is a chef, so our bikes HAD to stop in that legendary wine region.  The highways and traffic got professively worse as we got south.  cars passing at 80-90mph. AND this insance highway concrete with grooves that makes your tires go every other direction except where you are steering!   ok here is a photo or 2 ...more story later! and show photos! 

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