Disaster Motors visits Montreal CVMG Vintage Motorcycle Show

On the weekend of August 2nd, 3rd we made a fun and worthwhile trip to the CVMG's  (Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group) annual vintage meet. The event was very well run. It has lots of amazing motorcycles covering all the bases, early American, Japanese and a large contingent of English motorcycles. These guys really love their Velocettes, Rudges, BSA's etc.  Vintage trials riding/ demonstrations were also a spectator hit. Good food and live bands all rounded out a great weekend.  We had a chance to meet with many old friends and customers and meet many new friends and customers too.  One of the most impressive bikes to see in person was Barry Brown's 1938 Crocker 1000cc twin cylinder motorcycle.  This was serial #30. Only about 120-140 were ever built and not many survive.  Crocker openly advertised in the 1930's and 40's that if you were ever beaten by a Harley or Indian while riding your Crocker you could return it to the Crocker factory for full purchase price! That is confidence in how fast these bikes were and still are!  See you next year! 

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